Eco-Friendly Carpet and Floor Cleaning Services Delivering powerful cleaning without harsh odors, petroleum-based solvents or corrosive chemicals. KLEENET meets many customers’ needs for products that are free from perfumes, odors and harsh chemicals. The products we use are found in LEED-certified buildings and other facilities managed under green initiatives.

queer speed dating los angeles We believe that keeping your carpets “KLEEN” should not be harmful to the Earth’s carpets. Thank you for supporting our efforts for a greener Earth with our eco-friendly carpet cleaning and floor services.

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Keep your carpets KLEEN with KLEENET

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LEED Platinum Friendly
Eco-Friendly Solutions
Earth Friendly

Eco-Friendly Benefits:

  • No petroleum-based surfactants or solvents. Most of the cleaning agents we use are salt-based.
  • No VOCs. The materials we use do not produce unhealthy or dangerous fumes.
  • Low-impact waste stream. Our products can be safely disposed into sewer or septic systems according to local regulations.
  • Steam cleaning and hot water extraction
  • Less water used than competitors
  • Reduced foaming for better equipment operation and easier rinsing.


What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?

Henry David Thoreau

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